Connecting the construction supply
chain ecosystem

Connecting Principals and Distributors With Rural Area’s Traditional Retailers In Construction Supply Chain Ecosystem

Connecting Principals and
distributors with traditional
retailers in rural areas

Addressing the challenge of underserved local retailers,
our platform strategically collaborate with distribution
channels, offering integrated solution and visibility into the
supply chain to the retailers

Enabler Platform that connects principals/distributors with traditional retailers up to lower tier areas.

We collaborate with principals/distributors to serve traditional retailers with the mission to streamline the construction supply chain, by providing wider access to products and visibility as well as digitalization into the supply chain.


Deep Presence into Lower Tier Areas

Extend principals/distributor’s coverage into our retailer’s network up to lower tier areas.

Integrated delivery

Providing fast and efficient delivery retailers can focus on their businesses.

No Minimum Quantity/SKU

Flexibility so retailers can order whatever fast moving stocks they want however quantity they need.

Data Insight

Provide data insight and visibility to reduce the bullwhip effect on the supply chain.

Coverage Area


Creating ecosystem for better construction supply chain.



Internet of things (iot)

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